iRest Yoga Nidra Private Session: A Deep Dive Within

The iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation private session is a profound one-on-one supported meditation practice. 


From the iRest Institute: "iRest is practiced and taught by thousands of people worldwide in a number of different organizations that support well-being. We offer programs in yoga studios, community centers, clinics, schools, hospices, correctional facilities, and U.S. military hospitals. Based on current studies with iRest in the military, the Defense Centers of Excellence has approved iRest as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine warranting continuing research for its use in the treatment of PTSD."


"iRest was developed by Richard Miller, PhD. Richard is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, author, yogic scholar, researcher and clinical psychologist, who has combined traditional yogic practice with Western psychology and neuroscience."


The foundation of the iRest practice is grounding our everyday experience in that absolute freedom which is the underlying spiritual core of our being. This private session supports the client to explore his or her experience of thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about ourselves and the world, while also being connected to a deeper spiritual ground. 

Private Session Testimonial

This co-meditation session provides an opportunity to recognize the deeper awareness within which we experience the emotional and intellectual comings and goings of our everyday lives. As one client said: 

“What I felt in my experience with Matthew is that a sense of discovery and healing is possible with the powerful container of presence of a trusted guide. Matthew guided me through a series of simple verbal prompts and I felt comfortable to explore some underlying emotions while at the same time being in a container of presence held by Matthew but also maintained by me.”

“I found this simple process to be revelatory for the way it helped me to acknowledge and be present with my feelings while at the same time providing a bigger container for me to relate to. I felt as if I had a human, emotional healing as well as a renewed spiritual equilibrium.”

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