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Yoga Nidra Private Session: A Deep Dive Within

The yoga nidra private session is a profound one-on-one supported meditation practice. 

The private session is deceptively simple. We sit together without an agenda to fix ourselves or to change anything. We welcome whatever arises in our experience, sitting with any sensations, emotions, thoughts or beliefs that are present--even difficult emotions we have tried to avoid.

We welcome whatever arises like the keeper of a Silk Road caravanserai welcoming travelers in the desert--without judgement or conditions. And by meeting ourselves unconditionally in this moment, we free ourselves of our ingrained and conditioned patterns of living, resting in the fullness of just being.

And the more we are able to settle into just being, the more are able to handle the ups and downs that are an inevitable part of everyone's lives.


Private Meditation Session

We often think of meditation as a struggle with the mind rather than a profound experience of the soul. As if the goal is to experience nothing rather than to sit with everything. Meditation as a spiritual practice is transformative, allowing us to peel away the layers of identification with the limited self and to dive into the unfathomable depths of Awareness.

The private session can include yogic breathing, asana, visualization, guided meditation, spiritual readings and discussion. It all depends on you.

Pay According to Your Means and Need

What does “donation based” mean?

Pay what you can! If you can pay $100 for a private session, that's wonderful and allows me to continue in this work. If you can pay more than $100 for a session then you will be helping those who cannot afford it. We just ask that you make an honest donation.

Private Session Testimonial

This meditation session provides an opportunity to recognize the deeper awareness within which we experience the emotional and intellectual comings and goings of our everyday lives. As one client said: 

“What I felt in my experience with Matthew is that a sense of discovery and healing is possible with the powerful container of presence of a trusted guide. Matthew guided me through a series of simple verbal prompts and I felt comfortable to explore some underlying emotions while at the same time being in a container of presence held by Matthew but also maintained by me.”

“I found this simple process to be revelatory for the way it helped me to acknowledge and be present with my feelings while at the same time providing a bigger container for me to relate to. I felt as if I had a human, emotional healing as well as a renewed spiritual equilibrium.” Kristie

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