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Teaching Meditation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

This winter I am teaching meditation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, a beautiful place for meditation, yoga and general relaxation and recovery.

I will be offering classes at the Playa Yoga Tribe studio at the Imix Holistic Space in Casa Lol-kin, Av. 15 between Av. Juarez & Calle 2, Playa del Carmen.

Vacations can be an opportunity to gain some precious inner focus while we take a break from our usual hustle and bustle. Meditation allows us to let go of the preoccupations with who we (think) we are, what we (think) we need to do, and how we (think) we need to lead our lives, and just to settle into the peace and freedom of the present moment.

Establishing a meditation practice while you are on vacation could be the greatest gift of relaxation and recovery you give yourself!

I hope to see you in Playa!

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