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Our programs at Dost Meditation are all about new beginnings and realignments.

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“Who Am I? Introducing the Ego in Spirituality”

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Private Session

 "I felt safe enough to acknowledge some pretty deep and private feelings in his presence. The effect of being present to my emotion while at the same time being given the permission to remain present to my higher self was very healing." Kristie

"I found my private session with Matthew to be transformative. I was able to delve into deeper aspects of my experience and come away feeling a sense of renewal and a readiness to go back for more. Matthew and Dost Meditation are a great find." Doug

Group Session

"As a person who has struggled with clinical anxiety, I have found a great deal of peace through this practice, a practice which connects me to an inner wholeness I now appreciate very dearly." Zack

"I walk with confidence and peace, guided by Matthew, a teacher with the wisdom, patience, and skill to save drowning souls.” Erik

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