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Recover Your Innate Ease and Freedom

Now teaching at Playa Yoga Tribe studio in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, at Imix Holistic Space in Casa Lol-kin
Av. 15 between Av. Juarez & Calle 2

"The effect of being present to my emotion while at the same time being given the permission to remain present to my higher self was very healing." Kristie

"As a person who has struggled with clinical anxiety, I have found a great deal of peace through this practice, a practice which connects me to an inner wholeness I now appreciate very dearly." Zack

Meditation Doesn't Have to Be Difficult to Be Deep

Meditation starts with relaxation. It's not about struggling with your mind or living in pious isolation from the world. Meditation requires no beliefs, only a willingness to sit openly with what is present. It's about recovering a connection with the core of who you are—a core that is already free and at ease.


Meditation works for people who live in the real world. It's for people with families, relationships, and probably an amount of stress and anxiety you wish you didn't have. It's for people who are burned out on the idea that our lives are all about work, that it is desirable to absorb our experience of life through media and various distributed narratives, and that having more stuff makes us more happy.

The Heart of Yoga

The heart of yoga is liberation. Yoga is awakening to, and embodying, the joyous and intuitive spontaneity that is our Essential Nature.

Yoga is awakening to the truth of our being. We forget our Essential Nature because we're too deeply involved with our life's various identities, roles, emotions, beliefs, and activities, all of which can become grooves or reactive patterns in which we feel stuck.

Meditation and yoga nidra allows you to let go of these entanglements and wake up to that primordial ease and freedom that is always already present.

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