Yoga Nidra Meditation

Spiritual Reset, Life Renewal

Yoga nidra is a simple guided meditation practice that offers the potential for profound spiritual and emotional transformation.

Employing both ancient wisdom and a method backed by modern research, yoga nidra can help you rediscover that part of you that has always been free and at ease.

"The effect of being present to my emotion while at the same time being given the permission to remain present to my higher self was very healing." Kristie

"As a person who has struggled with clinical anxiety, I have found a great deal of peace through this practice, a practice which connects me to an inner wholeness I now appreciate very dearly." Zack

Believe It or Not, You've Already Got What You Need

 Life can sometimes be complicated even for smart and successful people. Whether it's divorce, depression, a career you're sick of, disillusionment with society or relationships, or just the sense that you're stuck and lack direction, all of us can feel at a loss for how to proceed and even a sense of profound boredom or alienation.


And when life gets complicated, smart and successful people often assume that their well-honed problem-solving skills should be good enough to take care of anything they're experiencing. But our problem-solving can sometimes just make things even more complicated with endless reading, self-help videos and seminars, affirmations, long talks with friends who give us advice and try to cheer us up... We tell ourselves that if we just work harder on ourselves we'll get better.

But the truth is that transformation doesn't have to be so hard. You have everything you need within you right now to feel whole and integrated. Everything you need to find peace of mind and a profound sense of ease and freedom.

The Heart of Yoga

The heart of yoga is liberation. Yoga is awakening to, and embodying, the joyous and intuitive spontaneity that is our Essential Nature.

Yoga nidra is a guided meditation practice that means sleep of the yogis. If yoga is awakening to the truth of our being, then nidra is that state of being asleep to or unconscious of our Essential Nature. We forget our Essential Nature because we're too deeply involved with our life's various identities, roles, emotions, beliefs, and activities, all of which can become grooves of reactive patterns in which we feel stuck.

Yoga nidra allows you to let go of these entanglements and wake up to that primordial ease and freedom that is always already present.

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